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Junk Mail that ALMOST WORKED!

Yesterday when I got home from work, my husband, who knows I drool over different and interesting packaging or marketing items, had saved a piece of junk mail for me. It was a poly mailer with a bulk mail label addressed to my husband but it had a box inside and inside that box was…
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The Freelance Manifesto by Joey Korenman

  My son, Beau - who is a freelance motion designer, gave me  The Freelance Manifesto by Joey Korenman for Christmas.  This book is an easy and entertaining read, and even though it comes from a Motion Designer's perspective, the advice and tools Joey introduces in this book can work for any creative. Part 1 -…
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Interesting Article About Children with Imaginary Friends

Beth - I had an imaginary friend named John when I was a child. I do not have a lot of memories of him other than I remember when Mom or Dad would shut the car door on him because they did not give him time to get in the car which would produce a distressed…
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I’m BACK & Bionic!

Three weeks ago, I bit the bullet and had a full knee replacement on my left knee. I moved the necessities of my business to the house while I recovered, but honestly, I did not get much done other than PT and icing my knee. I had no intention of cluttering social media with the…
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