I’m BACK & Bionic!

Three weeks ago, I bit the bullet and had a full knee replacement on my left knee. I moved the necessities of my business to the house while I recovered, but honestly, I did not get much done other than PT and icing my knee. I had no intention of cluttering social media with the…
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Operation Get About – Day 6 – The Redwood Forest

April 21, 2017 - Tony and I woke up early (or slept late depending on the time zone) and had the best breakfast ever! The Good Harvest Cafe in Crescent City on Hwy 101 boasts of the extra measures they go to for nutritious fresh farm to table meals and they live up to the…
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Operation Get About Day 4 & 5 – Newport to Crescent City

April 19, 2017 -  Yesterday, as we drove into Newport, our first reaction was blasé at best and we even considered to keep going, but we (and by we I mean Tony) have been driving for six hours and we (and by we I mean me and Tony) were done. As per our routine, if…
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