• Tungsten Reboot – Packaging

    Tungsten Reboot – Packaging

    The challenge was to create better packaging for new technology light bulbs which also educated the public.

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  • Social Media – Healthy

    Social Media – Healthy

    Social Media Templates provided for Blue Dress Internet Marketing, Inc.

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  • protoMORPH Letterhead

    protoMORPH Letterhead

    Continuing with the concept of origami geometry I incorporated¬†origami letterhead. It has printed fold lines making an origami "Traditional Box"…

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  • protoMORPH Guerrilla Marketing

    protoMORPH Guerrilla Marketing

    This guerrilla¬†marketing campaign has two parts. The first part is when someone steps on the air trigger on the floor…

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  • protoMOPRH Magazine Ad

    protoMOPRH Magazine Ad

    One of the challenges of marketing new technology is the need to education the target audience as well as promote…

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  • Blue Dress Boutique – Website

    Blue Dress Boutique – Website

    Blue Dress Boutique's new branding and color scheme set them apart from the competition.

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