• Blue Dress Boutique – Branding

    Blue Dress Boutique – Branding

    The unique colors we used for Blue Dress Boutique branding helps set them apart from the competition.

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  • Tungsten Reboot – Packaging Open

    Tungsten Reboot – Packaging Open

    Using the concept of a to-go box I drew a mock up of how the lightbulbs would fit in the…

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  • Tungsten Reboot – Logo

    Tungsten Reboot – Logo

    This was a class project where we were to develop a brand identity and better packaging for a new light…

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  • Ann Eargle – Website

    Ann Eargle – Website

    We created a website for the purpose of promoting Ann's Book Always Willing Always Able. It included links to Amazon…

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  • Ann Eargle – Book Cover

    Ann Eargle – Book Cover

    Ann Eargle is an inspirational author who wrote letters to her sisters in Baltimore detailing her new experience as a…

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  • Tungsten Reboot

    Tungsten Reboot

    Class Project:  Create better packaging and educate target audience on the new technology of light bulbs. Using a to-go box type…

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  • On The Spot Services – Website Design

    On The Spot Services – Website Des

    This website was created for a courier company servicing the southeastern United States.

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  • On The Spot Services – Logo

    On The Spot Services – Logo

    The logo communicates the pristine reputation this company has of doing what they say they can do and doing it on…

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