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Patton4 Design & Graphics is a creative service for businesses large and small

providing a complete package of creative services including target audience research,

logos and collaterals (print or digital), research and graphics for social media posts, signage,

corporate presentations, website design and development, magazine layouts, brochures, packaging,

full line of printing services, and more.

Call us at


or email info@patton4.com to discuss your next project.

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why us?

Paint Brushes


When I join your team I am all in and your goals are my goals. From creative brief to final execution I listen to you as well as your target audience to ultimately communicate authenticity in your brand and advertising. I speak from not just my experience but of the experience of my peers and industry influencers. Besides all that – I love my job!

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What’s New?

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Beth Patton


My specialty is taking a design from chaos to camera ready (yeah, I know that’s a very old school term). I started my career at a print shop in the 1980’s on a Kodak typesetting computer the size of a smart car. Now, 30 some years later, recognizing the need to refurbish my skills, I completed the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design program from Full Sail University in March of 2017. I continue to take classes and seminars to keep my skill sets in Graphic Design and Social Media relevant to today’s market. My hobbies include quilting, fabric arts, painting, reading, biking, swimming, and traveling – lots and lots of traveling.