I’m BACK & Bionic!

Beth Patton, Graphic Designer

I’m BACK & Bionic!

Three weeks ago, I bit the bullet and had a full knee replacement on my left knee. I moved the necessities of my business to the house while I recovered, but honestly, I did not get much done other than PT and icing my knee.

I had no intention of cluttering social media with the drama of the past three weeks, however, in all my intricate planning for this surgery, I inadvertently unplugged the phone system in my office. (I did think it was a bit strange I had not received any calls in three weeks.) Since it is just me in the office, I did not notice until I  moved my equipment back to my office.

I did work on a couple of projects while I was out, including a promotional video for the Dream Connections 5K and 1 mile Family Fun Run on September 23rd. It’s in the final approval stage and will be public this week.

Also, I’ve added the Blue Dress Boutique logo and website design to my portfolio. Blue Dress Boutique is a unique online boutique featuring interchangeable jewelry. Check it out!


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