Junk Mail that ALMOST WORKED!

Cheryl' s Cookies Cards

Junk Mail that ALMOST WORKED!

Yesterday when I got home from work, my husband, who knows I drool over different and interesting packaging or marketing items, had saved a piece of junk mail for me. It was a poly mailer with a bulk mail label addressed to my husband but it had a box inside and inside that box was a cookie. A delicious cookie.

My husband was so impressed, remembering he had a co-worker leaving the company this week, that he immediately went to the website printed on the packaging. He found the perfect box of cookies to send to her. However, he exited the cart before purchasing because they could not guarantee delivery before she left on Wednesday. (WSPG buds – Don’t tell Stacy she ALMOST had a box of delicious cookies).

So a shout out to the marketing team at Cheryl’s and cookiecards.com and 1-800-Flowers.com. Excellent marketing campaign which almost turned a $90 sale but instead went to Sherrie’s Berries who guaranteed delivery by Wednesday. I will let the operations team at Cheryl’s figure out what went wrong.

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